Dark Highland Fire Review

Rowan an Morgaine is a Drakkyn sorceress from the Dyadd Morgaine line. She is supposed to be the Dyana to her people but right now she’s stuck on Earth posing as a stripper. Rowan lost her mother, sisters and aunts after the dragons invaded and murdered all of them. Rowan feels responsible for the tragedy and knows it is because she refused an evil dragon named Lucien Adrakkar’s marriage proposal. The Morgaine women never belong to only one man so traditionally Rowan refused Lucien’s proposal, not realizing the extent of his obsession with her.

After losing her family, Rowan and her brother Bastian are now hiding out on Earth to keep Rowan safe from Lucien. Bastian asks the MacInnes werewolf pack in Scotland to look after his sister and protect her, particularly, Gabriel MacInnes. Gabriel is not the leader of his pack nor is he next in line but Bastian has chosen him to guard Rowan the Dyana. But guarding Rowan is a hard task because she’s not content to just sit around in Gabriel’s nasty sweat pants all day long and watch horrible Earthling television. She wants to go out and have some fun!

Gabriel finds himself falling hard for Rowan as they grow closer to each other day by day. Will the werewolf and the sorceress fall in love or will the evil dragon tear Rowan right out of his arms and claim her as his own?

DARK HIGHLAND FIRE is the second book in a series by paranormal romance author Kendra Leigh Castle. Each book features different characters and can be read independently, although I usually prefer to read series books in order. I was able to follow along perfectly without having read the previous book so it isn’t entirely necessary but after reading Castle’s book you’re going to want to get the others!

This was my first book by Castle and I was blown away by her writing and imagination. The world in this book is so vivid that I could picture it perfectly. The story moves along at a fast pace with suspense, romance, erotica, and paranormal elements all nicely combined in one story. I adored everything about Dark Highland Fire and I am anxious to read book three Wild Highland Magic, out now. Overall, Dark Highland Fire is an A+ book and left me captivated and addicted from the second I opened the book to the exciting conclusion.

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