Dying for Mercy Review

Tuxedo Park is a gated community where the wealthiest and most prestigious people reside. To gain admittance to The Black Tie Club is very hard to do and people are continuously turned down. When Eliza Blake, co-host on the news show Key to America, receives an invitation to a party in Tuxedo Park she knows she’s in for a good time. The party is at the home of Innis and Valentina Wheelock who are friends of Eliza.

Before the party is over, tragedy strikes when Innis commits suicide in the most unusual way. Eliza believes she was the last person to talk to Innis and is filled with guilt over not seeing the warning signs. She looks back on their conversation and remembers him saying that she would make everything right.

Eliza is determined to figure out why this man would kill himself and uncover the secrets he hinted at. Innis loved puzzles and left behind an elaborate puzzle that will lead to the truth and destroy many lives in the process. Will Eliza be able to put the clues together and find a killer or will the killer discover her plan and put an end to this cat and mouse game?

Dying for Mercy is a thrilling mystery with numerous suspects and motives to be revealed one by one. The chapters are very short which leads to fast reading with one discovery after another in each chapter. The point of view alternates and is tricky at times with numerous narrators. There are a handful of characters and one must pay close attention to remember them all so you can put together the clues to the puzzle.

Fans of The Da Vinci Code are sure to enjoy this well crafted story that includes religious references to St.Francis of Assisi and Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Overall, I adored Clark’s writing and found this book to be an excellent story that kept me captivated until the exciting conclusion.

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