Hard and Fast Review

Imogen Wilson is a sociology grad student who needs to come up with a thesis for her degree. She has two friends who have both been married to race car drivers and decides to attend a race with them. Imogen is completely infatuated with the famous Ty McCordle but he has a trashy bimbo girlfriend named Nikki and she would never be his type. Nikki lets Imogen in on her plan for Ty after showing her a self help book titled ‘’How to Marry a Race Car Driver in Six Easy Steps". After seeing the book, Imogen has an idea for her thesis. If she can follow the steps from the book, she can do her thesis on the subject of whether or not someone can actually find a husband by following steps from a self help book!

Ty McCordle loves his job as a race car driver but his love life is incomplete. His girlfriend Nikki has nothing going on in her head besides air and he wants something more substantial, perhaps someone to grow old with. He plans to break up with Nikki and the minute he meets Imogen, he realizes that she’s everything he has been looking for. Sure she’s not his sexy bimbo type, but that’s exactly why he likes her. Imogen is extremely intelligent, passionate and everything Ty is looking for in a woman.

After ending things with Nikki, Ty and Imogen embark on a sexual relationship that is extremely wild and hot. Night after night they share themselves with each other, but can Imogen expect more from this relationship with Ty? Will Ty fall in love with Imogen and want to be with her or will their relationship just be about sex? Ty has a secret that he doesn’t want Imogen to know about. How will Imogen react when she learns the truth from Ty?

Hard and Fast is the second book in the Fast Track Series featuring sexy race car drivers and their love interests. The story moves along at a fast pace with a large abundance of sex scenes in every chapter. The sex scenes were extra steamy and incredibly ambitious in the crazy positions and ways the two would have sex. Readers of erotica are sure to love this story as there is plenty of that in this book.

My small complaints are as follows. I didn’t like Ty continually calling Imogen, ‘’Emma Jean’’ just because it sounds like Imogen. It wasn’t her name and I found it to be disrespectful and lazy of him to not even care about trying to figure out how to say her name properly. Even after he finds out what her name is, he still calls her Emma Jean. While this may be seen as sweet or a nickname, to me it was annoying.

I didn’t care for the abundance of sex scenes. I do enjoy a hot scene every now and then but it felt like such a large portion of the book was all sex. I wanted to learn more about the characters and just have something more going on. Overall, I did enjoy Hard and Fast as it was a sweet and light hearted romance that wasn’t difficult to read. A little less erotica, and more story would have been more to my liking, but this was a good book.

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