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Holly Storm is a reporter for News Flash Five and always goes too far in her investigations for a top story. When we first met her in the second book in this trilogy, Midnight Sins, Holly witnessed the wrath of Niol, a demon of the highest power, level ten. After discovering he was a demon, she’s found herself still strangely drawn to his club Paradise Found and goes to Niol for his help when her friend Carl is killed. Niol isn’t looking for love and the last thing he wants is to be involved with a human like Holly. But he finds himself attracted to her and can’t think of anything else besides getting her in his bed.

Niol and Holly team up to find a killer who is targeting demons and murdering them one by one. There seems to be some kind of connection to Holly since Carl was a friend of hers and now she’s afraid anyone she’s made contact with that may be a demon could end up dead also. With the help of Detective Brooks, Detective Gyth, Dr. Nathalia Smith, Dr. Emily Drake, Cara and Captain McNeal, the characters that readers have come to love in the last two books all come together to solve a serial killer case where demons are the ones being hunted and the humans are the culprits. Will Holly and Niol find love together or will the killer get his hands on Niol and take out the biggest demon in town?

Midnight’s Master is the third and final book in the Midnight Trilogy starring different Others such as shifters, charmers, demons, witches, and succubae. Niol was a character in both of the previous books and clearly stood out as the star. Now he gets the honor of front stage in Midnight’s Master and we finally get a closer look at the level ten demon.

This was my favorite story out of the three since all of the characters that I loved are together in this book. The suspense was exciting and Holly really shined in her role as Niol’s love interest. There are plenty of surprises in this book that will keep you reading long into the night. The romance is extra steamy and Niol is a fabulous unconventional hero who you can’t help but root for.

I would strongly recommend for readers to read this trilogy in order and if possible, one after another so details are not forgotten from the previous book. While each book in this trilogy can be read as a stand alone story, characters from a previous book show up in the following and it can lead to spoilers if you haven’t read them in order.

I adore Cynthia Eden’s books and their combination of genres such as romance, erotica, paranormal, and mystery. I read Midnight’s Master all in one sitting and was captivated from the first page to the last. Overall, this was a fantastic conclusion to a great trilogy and I look forward to reading Eden’s story in the Belong to the Night anthology due out September 2009.

Midnight's Master is released tomorrow June 30th!
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Order of the Midnight Trilogy
1. Hotter After Midnight
2. Midnight Sins
3. Midnight's Master

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