Blue Moon Review

Ever Bloom’s life has dramatically changed ever since she met Damen Auguste and lost her whole family in a tragic car accident. She’s become an immortal and is adjusting to her new found powers. Damen has been right by her side along the journey and is teaching Ever what it means to be an immortal. But with the arrival of a new kid in school named Rogan, everything changes and not for the better.

Suddenly, Damen doesn’t want anything to do with Ever, her friends reject her, and she is constantly being taunted by everyone at school. Without Damen to provide her with her immortal juice and to teach her about her new life, she is left all alone, confused and terrified. Why is Damen acting so oddly? Why does he look like he’s becoming human and losing all of his powers? Why does Damen not love Ever anymore?

Ever travels to the other dimension of Summerland to find answers on how to save Damen. He is quickly deteriorating and she is convinced that a rogue immortal is the reason. While in Summerland, Ever discovers that there is a way to turn back time and get her old life back. Will Ever leave Damen and return to her old life and family? Will the rogue immortal get to Damen and kill him before Ever can save him?

Blue Moon is the second book in a paranormal young adult series called The Immortals. Ever is on her own in this installment and needs to figure out how to save Damen before his time runs out. Without having enough immortal knowledge this leaves her enlisting the help of a psychic and some friends in Summerland to help her. But the ultimate decision as to whether she is there to save Damen or if she tries to return to her old life is up to Ever and only Ever to decide. Will her decision cause catastrophic consequences or will she finally get her own happily ever after?

I adored the first book Evermore and was very anxious to read Blue Moon to find out what happens next with Ever and Damen. I enjoyed the scenes in Summerland as they were very imaginative and the imagery was nice. The conclusion to Blue Moon is very shocking and I still feel conflicted on whether I liked it or not.

Now despite some nuances, I really do love reading this series. The writing flows well and even though this book reads a little younger then the previous one at times, I still couldn’t put it down and was excited to see what would happen next. Overall, The Immortals is a great new series that is full of surprises and secrets to slowly be uncovered one by one. Look out for the third book in The Immortals Series, Shadowland due out February 2010.

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  1. I have Evermore and Blue Moon coming up soon, might have to bump it up the list a little bit more lol

  2. AHHH I hope you didnt read my review of Blue Moon if you haven't read Evermore yet!! Don't read it if you haven't cause it's next to impossible to describe Blue Moon without spoiling Evermore. They're great books. I think you'll like them. :)


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