Forget Me Knot Review

Abby Crompton is about to have the worst night of her life. She is on her way to meet her fiancé’s mother and is desperate to make a good impression. Unfortunately, on her way to catch the train to meet for dinner, she ends up stuck on an elevator with a man named Dan.

After hyperventilating and breathing into a paper bag, Dan finds a way to calm Abby down, he offers her some of the wine he had with him. But after a few too many sips to calm her nerves, Abby opens up to Dan about her personal love problems with her fiancé Toby. When the elevator opens and the two part ways, Abby is embarrassed by talking so frankly with a stranger, but she has no worries since she will never see this man again.

The dinner with Toby’s mother goes horribly wrong and Abby learns that her future mother in law is truly a nightmare. She’s demanding, controlling, rude and just every woman’s worst fear when it comes to mother in laws. So shortly after when Abby finds out that a film crew wants to use her flower shop Fabulous Flowers as their filming location, she is thrilled with the good news. But when Dan walks in and Abby learns he is the director of the film, she is utterly mortified. While Toby and Abby’s relationship starts to fall apart, Abby realizes that sometimes the perfect man doesn’t come in a little package complete with a bow. Sometimes you have to give love a try, a couple times, before you get it right.

Forget Me Knot is a contemporary romance set in London revolving around a florist’s love life. There is a healthy dose of humor, eccentric characters and plenty of surprises to keep romance readers riveted until the exciting conclusion. Abby’s nosy friend was hilarious as was her mother striking while on a cruise. I would say the abundance of humor is what was most enjoyable about this book and would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy a sweet romance with plenty of laughs.

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