Love at First Flight Review

Juliana Gregorio and Michael Maguire are both headed to Florida to spend time with their significant others. They’ve never met before and coincidentally are both in long distance relationships. During their flight, they get to know each other and plan to talk again on their return trip home.

Juliana is a hair stylist and has been with her high school sweetheart Jeremy for ten years. Although she is happy with Jeremy, she wonders when he will take the plunge and ask her to marry him; after all it has been ten years! Michael is a prosecutor for the state’s attorney in Baltimore City and has been with his girlfriend Paige for the last four years. They are engaged and due to be married once all of the insane overzealous planning is done. Michael would like a simple wedding and doesn’t care for all of the extravagance that Paige insists on.

Juliana and Michael’s chance meeting turns into a friendship when they reunite once again on their flight home. Both of their relationships suffered changes during their trip and they are both free to explore other options. Will Juliana and Michael find love together and leave their significant others for good?

During their time together, Michael is prosecuting a high profile case and the defendants will do anything in their power to make sure the star witness does not take the stand. Juliana and Michael’s lives are constantly in jeopardy and they now have a police escort at all times. Will Juliana decide that life is too dangerous with Michael and leave him for Jeremy or will she discover happiness like she’s never known before?

Love at First Flight is a beautiful heart warming story that any woman could relate to. We have all been at a crossroads at one time in our life where we had to make a tough decision that will forever impact us. Juliana thought she was in love with her boyfriend of ten years but when she meets Michael, she realizes what true love really feels like. Love at First Flight is a story about love at first sight. It’s what every woman dreams of, meeting a man and knowing from the instant you meet him that he is the one. Along the way Juliana struggles with her emotions while she has to make a big decision and will break one man’s heart in the process.

Love at First Flight is a contemporary romance with a touch of suspense mixed in. If you are looking for a great love story that will make you smile and cry; this is the one. Juliana and Michael came alive in this book and I felt their love and their heartbreak every step of the way. Love at First Flight is an excellent book that romance readers will quickly devour and yearn for more. Overall, Marie Force is an outstanding writer and I look forward to reading more books by her.

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