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Please note that these contests are on the blogs that I link to and are not being held on my blog.

Contest: on Michelle Rowen and Molly Harper's blogs for a combined contest.
MICHELLE: Leave a comment on either (or both) of our blogs. Molly and I are both giving away a signed copy of TALL, DARK & FANGSOME and NICE GIRLS DON’T DATE DEAD MEN to two randomly selected winners. That’s two sets of signed books to two winners, one chosen on each blog. Good luck and happy reading!

Contest: on Angieville for a copy of Rampant by Diana Peterfreund (Thanks Literary Escapism for telling me about this one)
And now for the giveaway! Harper Teen has graciously offered up three copies of Rampant to give away to three lucky commenters. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me if you've ever read a book about unicorns before and what it was. If you've never read one, tell me why you're looking forward to reading Rampant! The contest will run for one week and will close at midnight on Sunday, August 30th. I'll announce the winners on Monday. Please make sure to leave me a way to contact you.

Contest: on Plot Monkeys for a copy of Rampant by Diana Peterfreund
Julie Leto: OH! I forgot to add…I’m so in love with this book, I’m going to send a copy to one of the commenters today. So do post! I’m telling you…you’re going to love this book. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, so if you don’t win, you can RUN OUT AND BUY A COPY. Trust me, it’s that good!

Contest: on Sci Fi Guy's site for 3 copies of Night's Cold Kiss by Tracey O'Hara
You'll have to do a little bit of research to qualify. To enter you need only leave a comment, but you must include one fact you know or learn about Australia. After all Tracey is from downunder.
Giveaway Guidelines:
Contest is open to residents of Canada and the United States.
Link to the contest for an extra entry and leave a link.
Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you if you win.
Contest open until Friday, September 4 at Midnight.
Winners will be announced in my Saturday Urban Fantasy Weekend Report on the 5th.

Contest: on Jocelynn Drake's site for a copy of Night's Cold Kiss by Nancy O'Hara
Okay, now I know you're interested in Night's Cold Kiss. Leave a comment in this blog entry to join in the contest fun!But first, here are some quick rules:Leave your name and a comment in this blog entry on either my Blogger or LiveJournal account.Do NOT leave your email address (This is to protect you from Spammers)The contest is open to domestic and international contestants.The contest is open until midnight Eastern Standard Time Saturday, August 29, 2009.The winner will be drawn on Sunday, August 30, 2009.If I do not hear from the winner by Sunday, September 6, 2009, the book will go out for another contest.Good luck and have fun!

Contest: Kimberly Frost is having a week long contest on her site called PARAPALOOZA that started yesterday.
Anyway, in honor of going from being a debut novelist to a multi-published novelist this year, I'm hosting my first-ever contest. Right here. Beginning on Tuesday 8/25/09 for seven straight (or twisted) days. I'll be giving away copies of BARELY BEWITCHED (& WOULD-BE WITCH if you missed Book 1) as well as copies of other fabulous paranormals. All you have to do is show up and comment for a chance to win. Let the partypalooza begin!!

Contest: on Ann Aguirre's site for 9 copies of Skin Game to 9 winners to be reviewed.
So that’s the book. If you want a copy, I have nine arcs to give away. You must be willing to write a review and post it on Amazon on release day (November 3). You can put it on your blog, Library Thing, Good Reads, and wherever else you like. It’s all good.
How can you win one? Well, here’s where I get to have fun. Show me some love. Convince me of how much you want it because I’m giving these to my nine biggest fans. Your comment should be eloquent and persuasive. So go on and let your inner fangirl (or fanboy) out.
Winners will be announced on my birthday, August 27. Good luck!

Contest: on Living Your Five for signed copy of Blue Moon by Alyson Noel
So there you go, that's my Five. What about you--are you ready to Live Your Five?
Leave a comment below for your chance to win a signed copy of my latest novel, BLUE MOON! The winner will be announced on Saturday, along with the launch week grand prize winner!
And stay tuned for Becca's Five tomorrow. .

Contest: on Living Your Five for four books, a donation in your name and a $100 giftcard to B&N
The lucky grand prize winner will win:
A $100 Barnes & Noble gift card(because we know you love books!)A $100 donation in your name to the non-profit of your choice(because we know you love making a difference!)And the latest book (or ARC) from each Founding Fiver(that's four signed books!)

Contest: on Living Your Five for a copy of The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy
So there you go. Kay's Five. What do you think? Do any of these resonate with you as well? Comment below for your chance to win a signed ARC of book one of my upcoming YA series, The Cinderella Society (coming April 13, 2010 from Egmont). The winner will be announced on Saturday along with the launch week grand prize winner.

Contest: on Literary Escapism for a copy of Ghostland and Spider-Touched to two winners
Contest Time! We’re giving away a copy of Ghostland and Spider-Touched to two lucky commentators and it’s very easy to enter. All you have to do is answer this one simple question: given a choice, which annihilated city would you find yourself in and why? Remember, you do have to answer the question in order for your comment to count. The contest is open to everyone, so everyone overseas can join in the fun as well.

New News:
Via Twitter Alyson Noel just revealed Shadowland's release date has been changed again.
AlysonNoel : The SHADOWLAND release date was moved up again!! So, the official day is now officially: November 17, 2009!!!

Edited to add more:
Contest on: Sci Fi Guy's site for a signed copy of Drawn Into Darkness to TWO lucky commentators.
Annette McCleave is giving away a signed copy of Drawn Into Darkness to TWO lucky commentators. To enter is easy -
Leave a comment or question about the book or the guest post.
Blogging about the contest gets you an extra entry. Leave the link as confirmation.
Two names will be drawn at random. Two books to be given away.
Open everywhere.
Giveaway runs until Monday, Midnight, August 31. I'll announce the winners on release day September 1.


Contests Galore from around the web

Please note that these contests are on the blogs that I link to and are not being held on my blog.

BIG contest on Michelle Rowen's blog!
To celebrate the release of the fifth and final book in my Immortality Bites series, I’m giving away: 1) a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com, and 2) a full set of signed books of the 5-book Immortality Bites series. Please comment in order to enter! I’ll pick a winner at midnight EST Wednesday, August 26th. Got any questions for me about Sarah and the series or my future releases? Ask away! And please pull up a virtual bar stool and have a Bloody Mary. On me!

Contest on Vampire Wire!
Jeanne has generously offered to give away TWO COPIES of Retribution here on Vampire Wire. To enter the contest, please leave a question or comment for Jeanne, or tell us what you like to see in a series. The contest runs through next Sunday night, August 30, and winners will be chosen at random. Contest limited to U.S. and Canada only.

Contest on Bitten by Books!
Molly will be giving away an AMAZING prize package to one lucky winner! It includes a Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men tote bag with bookmarks, a signed flat for the third book and signed copies of the first two books in her series.

Contest on Darque Reviews!
To enter for a chance to win a set of the first three books in the Feral Warriors series, please leave a comment on this post. If you can remember the first paranormal romance that got you hooked on the genre, we’d love to here it. If you have a question for Ms. Palmer, she has graciously offered to check-in today and answer them. The winner will be announced on September 1, 2009, so be sure to check back! Good luck, and happy reading.

Contest on Kimberly Frost's site (found this on Literary Escapism)
Now if you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched from the Southern Witch series (and Book 1 Would-Be Witch, if you don't have it) and an autographed copy of the first book in Gerry's series (Real Vampires Have Curves), please pop into the comments and tell us whether you'd like to be a vampire or not.


Tall, Dark & Fangsome Review

Sarah Dearly was adjusting to life as a vampire but ever since she was cursed as a nightwalker, life hasn’t been easy for her. As long as she wears her gold chain around her neck, the nightwalker inside her stays in control. But the minute the necklace is taken off, her eyes turn black and everyone becomes an all you can drink buffet. Since she has consumed the blood of two master vampires, Sarah is extremely strong and not even her vampire boyfriend Thierry can stop her when she becomes out of control.

Gideon Chase is a vampire hunter until he was stricken with hellfire. The hellfire is consuming him and he can’t live like this anymore. He’s found the answer to his problems in Sarah. He wants her to turn him into a vampire so he can escape the hellfire and be healed of his scars. But in the mean time, he has forbidden Sarah to be with Thierry anymore and this leads her to have to sneak around to see him. Gideon has spies everywhere and he is not one to be disobeyed. He holds something very valuable that can finally free Sarah of her nightwalker curse but if she doesn’t obey him, he will not give it to her.

As Sarah spends time with Gideon, she starts to develop feelings for him. She’s convinced it’s
her crazy nightwalker that likes him and not her, but things are becoming increasingly dangerous now. Gideon is not who he seems and can not be trusted. Will Sarah fall for the wrong man and lose her life in the process? What will happen between Thierry and Sarah?

Tall, Dark & Fangsome is the fifth and final book in the Immortality Bites Series starring Sarah Dearly, a reluctant vampire who seems to always attract trouble. The story moves along at a fast pace with a healthy dose of humor, romance and mystery to keep readers riveted until the exciting conclusion. Michelle Rowen’s books always make me laugh out loud more then any other author and always leave me with a smile on my face.

I absolutely adored Tall, Dark & Fangsome and did not want it to end. The writing is engaging, the characters are wonderful, and it was just so much fun to read this book. I have never read a Michelle Rowen book that I did not adore and rave about and there is a reason for that, she writes damn good books! I am very sad that this series is concluded and definitely see possibilities for it to be continued, which I would be completely overjoyed about if it was. If you haven’t read this series yet, you are in for a real treat. Try to read the books in order if you can, starting with Bitten & Smitten. Overall, Tall, Dark & Fangsome is everything that I hoped it would be and more.

Tall, Dark & Fangsome will be released August 25, 2009.

Order from
Book Depository (free shipping on any order, no matter how small!)

Visit Michelle Rowen's blog

The Order of the Immortality Bites Series


Shadowland by Alyson Noel Cover Unveiled!!!!

EDITED: Aug 26th to reflect date change.

Author Alyson Noel has unveiled the cover for the third book in The Immortals Series, Shadowland. It has a new release date of November 17, 2009 which is not that far away at all! I can't wait!! What do you think of the cover? Isn't it gorgeous?

I just realized this book will be in hardcover even though the previous two books were paperback. Amazon has a decent price on it $12.23 down from $17.99. It's available for Pre Order now.

The Book Depository has it for $13.49 which is more then Amazon but if you take into account that there is no shipping charge, it comes out cheaper then Amazon. With Amazon you'd have to order $25 worth to get it for free shipping. So I don't think this is that bad for a hardcover price being that the paperback was $9.99 so this is only a little more if you get it with the sale price from one of these places.

Anyway without revealing any spoilers I will say that I am super excited to read Shadowland especially after the way Blue Moon ended. I am really loving this series!


Pitch Black Review

Alec Lambert was a profiler for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit until he put his trust in the wrong person during a take down of a serial killer. This resulted in his partner being killed and himself being shot. Wyatt Blackstone, head of the Black CATs aka the Cyber Action Team, has put his trust in Alec and hired him as the newest member of his team. The CATs are an elite group of FBI agents who solve internet related murders.

Alec’s first case is of a serial killer dubbed The Professor who doesn’t exactly murder his victims. He leads them down a path that will result in them either dying or somehow saving themselves. He uses the internet as his tool to entice people to meet him. The first set of victims that comes to the CAT’s attention is of two teenage boys who received an email from a man. The man said he needed their help accessing his money and promised the one boy millions of dollars for his assistance. Even though this is a well known scam, the boys somehow fell for it and now are dead. Without any way of finding this unknown email sender, Alec slowly puts the clues together.

Samantha Dalton is a published author and blogger who teaches people how to avoid internet scams. Sam’s grandmother was a victim of an internet scam and ever since, Sam has been determined to stop this from happening to more unsuspecting victims. When Alec Lambert shows up at her door, the last thing she wants is to talk to him. He is a man after all and she is divorced and done with men.

But Alec needs her help as one of the teenage victims of The Professor emailed and instant messaged Sam the night of their murders. Hoping that somehow she could help enlighten him on who the scam artist is and how to find him, Alec enlists Sam’s help in solving the case. But when Sam ends up being The Professor’s latest conquest, the case becomes deadly and no one is safe. Will The Professor take Sam as his final victim in his quest to make the world a better place or will Alec solve the case and put an end to this sadistic killing spree?

Pitch Black is the second book in a romantic suspense trilogy featuring members of the Black CATs team who investigate serial killers that find their victims on the internet. While the first book featured Dean and Stacey, this book features two new people Agent Lambert and Samantha Dalton. The other members of the Black CATs are back and further developed in this new installment. The story starts off with the murder of the teenage boys and the suspense never lets up as Alec is hot on the trail of this serial killer.

The serial killer was evil to the core and my favorite part of Pitch Black. There were so many suspects that once again I was wrong every time I thought I knew the outcome. I commend Leslie Parrish on a job well done for twisting the story in such a way that the reader doesn’t see the killer coming but at the same time it’s not pulled out of left field.

I loved everything about Pitch Black, from the characters to the mystery, to the non stop suspense! Please note, this trilogy MUST be read in order or you will spoil the previous book for yourself. The killer from Fade to Black is clearly named and mentioned in Pitch Black so please read these books in order. Overall, Pitch Black is breath taking, high adrenaline suspense at it’s finest and I am immensely satisfied.

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance


A new site I found...

The Book Depository is an online bookstore that I've heard of before but it was based in the UK. Well I just found out there's one in the US now! They offer great discounts on books, alot of new ones for 50% off. But that's not the best part. All books have free shipping!!!!!!! There is no minimum to buy to get this free shipping! You can buy a book for $3 or $5 and get FREE SHIPPING on it! Yes I kid you not! I am itching to buy books now!!!! Let me show you some of the awesome deals I found while searching the site.

Richelle Mead books (some $3.49, some $9.99)
Jeaniene Frost books ($3.99 each!)
Skin Walker by Faith Hunter ($3.99)
Rachel Caine books (some as cheap as $3.49!)
Evermore by Alyson Noel ($4.92 That's 50% off!)
Blue Moon by Alyson Noel ($4.99! That's 50% off!)

To go to the main page of The Book Depository to search for books go to http://www.bookdepository.com/

It says books ship within 48 hours and when I added a book for $4.99 to my cart to test it out, it did say free shipping so you should be able to get free shipping no matter how cheap your order is! Let me know if you find any good deals or order from them. I'm very curious! It's hard to find much by clicking on just a genre so what I did was looked at my Amazon wishlist and typed in titles into the search bar on Book Depository to find the ones I wanted. Have fun!


Fade to Black Review

Sheriff Stacey Rhodes moved back home to the small town of Hope Valley, Virginia to take over her father’s position as sheriff. She’s been through a lot and enjoys the peace and quiet of living in a town where nothing bad ever happens. The most excitement for Stacey in Hope Valley is when she has to break up a fight at the local bar.

Seventeen months ago, Lisa Zimmerman went to that same bar and never returned home. Lisa’s mother visits Stacey every week hoping to hear news of what happened to her daughter but every week there’s nothing new to report. The case has hit a dead end and Stacey assumes that Lisa left town with a guy and that’s all there is to it.

Agent Dean Taggert is part of an elite FBI task force called the Cyber Action Team aka CAT. Their job is to solve internet related murders. Dean’s latest case is of a serial killer who calls himself the Reaper. The Reaper is popular on a private website called Satan’s Playground where people get the chance to make bids in an auction on how he will kill his next victim. The murders are recorded and played on the internet for the Satan’s Playground audience to watch. One of the videos that were uncovered by CAT is of the murder of Lisa Zimmerman. This leads Dean and his task force on a trip to Hope Valley, Virginia to work with the town’s sheriff, Stacey Rhodes, in the hopes of finding this elusive serial killer.

When Stacey and Dean meet, there is an instant attraction that they can’t deny. Both are single but this case is very deadly and the last thing they need right now is to get romantically involved with each other. As the Reaper becomes more brazen, time is running out. With every new auction is a new murder. Will Stacey be able to uncover the clues and figure out who the murderer is before it’s too late and the Reaper claims another victim? How will Stacey react when the people closest to her all become suspects? Will Dean and Stacey find love together?

Fade to Black is the first book in the Black Cats series by popular romance author Leslie Kelly writing under the pseudonym Leslie Parrish. The story starts off with an exciting opening that seemed very promising. However, after the prologue, I found the first 100 pages to read very slowly and to drag at points. After passing the hump in the beginning of the book, the story really took off with lots of excitement.

The identity of the killer was not easy to figure out and that makes for a tightly plotted story that kept me guessing until the thrilling conclusion. I really enjoyed the suspense and mystery aspects of Fade to Black and the romance was a nice touch to the story. I just wish the first half of the book could have been as exciting as the second half. Overall, this is a great first installment and I am excited to dive into the next two books in this series.

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance


The Devil's Playground Cover

Jenna Black unveiled the cover for her new book The Devil's Playground, due out Feb 23, 2010. I love it! It's part of her series even though it has a totally different look then the previous books. I think it looks great and can't wait to read it! What do you think of the cover?


Three Days to Dead Review

Evangeline ‘’Evy’’ Stone worked as a Dreg Bounty Hunter cleaning up the city by killing rogue goblins, trolls, vampires, and other creatures. She was part of a bounty hunter squad called a Triad but something went terribly wrong and all three people ended up dead.

But somehow Evangeline has been resurrected and has three days more to live. She starts her first day by waking up naked on a morgue slab with out much recollection of what happened to her. Evy now inhabits a stranger’s body and with her Triad all dead, there are not many people to go to for answers.

One phone number and name is still fresh in Evy’s mind so she reaches out to her boss aka her Handler, Wyatt. Wyatt informs Evy that he is the one who resurrected her because she knows something very important that she needs to tell him that could save the world. There was a rumor of the vampires uniting with goblins and if this happens it could cause horrible repercussions. Evy knows something and Wyatt needs to uncover this information to save everyone. But there’s one problem. Evy’s memories are very hazy and she can not remember what she needs to tell Wyatt.

With only three days until she dies again, the time ticks down as the two of them run for their lives as fugitives accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Will Evy be able to put together the clues as to why she and her squad were murdered? What does Evy know and will she remember in time to tell Wyatt?

Three Days to Dead is the debut urban fantasy novel by new author Kelly Meding. The story starts off with Evy Stone waking up on a morgue slab, naked and in another person’s body. I was immediately drawn into her world, curious, and anxious to find out how she ended up in this situation. The suspense is so intense in this book with the hours left for Evy to live counted down on the top of every chapter. Every scene is extremely vivid and I felt like I was right along side Evy, hiding from the cops behind the bushes. I could feel the branches scratch my body, my heart raced along with her, I was worried and scared, I felt everything she felt.

Even though this is an urban fantasy novel and we all know that vampires and goblins aren’t real and that people can’t really be resurrected after dying, Kelly Meding made me believe it could happen. I felt like Evy Stone was telling me her story and I knew her, she was my friend. As she ran around the city, desperate for answers, not knowing who she could trust, I was right there by her side through it all, nervously turning the pages long into the night.

When an author can make her characters come alive for the reader in such a way, I believe she has accomplished her goal. Three Days to Dead does not read like a debut novel. If I did not know this was Kelly Meding’s first book I wouldn’t believe you if you told me. The story is intricately written with sharp details, strong characterization, plenty of paranormal creatures, mystery, non -stop suspense, and a touch of romance.

Three Days to Dead is hands down the best urban fantasy novel that I’ve read, ever, and I’ve read a lot. Kelly Meding’s next book is due out in 2010 and has the working title As Lie the Dead. Overall, there is no way for me to properly express how breath taking and amazing Three Days to Dead truly is. I promise you this book will blow you away and make you wish she had a backlist for you to run out and buy. Three Days to Dead is an outstanding debut by a strong new voice in urban fantasy that demands to be heard.

Three Days to Dead will be released on November 24, 2009!
Pre -order your copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble
Visit author Kelly Meding's website

Book Blog

I love book blogs, especially ones with pictures of their bookshelves or TBR piles. I am very fond of this blog I found recently. Check it out. http://annavivian.blogspot.com/ Anna has some beautiful pictures of her book shelves at this link. I am seriously drooling over how nicely it's displayed!


Sexy cover, great author, I want!

Just found this on Robin Kaye's website. I can't wait to read this one! I loved the previous two books.

Coming December, 2009
Available for pre-order on

Chapter One...
Rich, the epitome of "anti-domestic," can't cook to save his life, and his idea of cleaning his apartment is to invite his mother over. But he's ready to settle down, and he can't stop thinking about the ex-girlfriend who got away. When he notices that his soon-to-be-married friends cooked and cleaned their way into their women's hearts, he asks his friend Becca to help transform him into a nurturing man to win back his ex.

Rich is the only guy who's taken the time to know Becca for herself. She decides she'll give him the makeover he's asking for, though she'll be damned if she's going to turn him into a domestic god for another woman. She wants Rich for herself, but how can she convince him that her kitchen and her bedroom are the only domestic locales he desires?


The Secret Between Us Review

Dr. Deborah Monroe lives an affluent life in the small town of Leyland. She is a divorced mother of two kids, sixteen year old Grace and ten year old Dylan. While driving with her daughter Grace during a rainy night, the unthinkable happens. Grace hits a man who suddenly appears in front of her car and he is thrown unconscious.

Quick thinking leads Deborah to make a life altering decision. She tells Grace to run the rest of the way home and she will wait for the police. Deborah talks her way around the police’s questions never once clearly saying that she was the driver of the car or not. But when it comes time to fill out a police report, there is no way to get around it. Deborah files false paperwork by taking the blame for the accident and leaving her daughter Grace out of it.

The two of them have created a secret between them that will tear their family apart. Grace becomes emotionally withdrawn when the hurt man takes a turn for the worse. If he dies, Deborah could be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Not only is the stress hurting Deborah and Grace, but it’s also ruining Deborah’s name in this small town. Everyone thinks she recklessly hit a pedestrian and if charged this could ruin her life as a doctor. Will Deborah and Grace be able to keep the secret about who really hit the pedestrian or will the truth come out and cause catastrophic consequences?

The Secret Between Us is an emotional story about how far a mother will go to protect her child. The story moves along at a fast pace as secrets about the pedestrian are slowly uncovered. Grace’s anguish and despair over her actions make this story heartfelt and will make you root for a happy ending. Deborah’s father, sister, son, and ex husband are all dealing with their own problems and this leads to even more problems for her to deal with. Overall, this is a profoundly moving story that I would recommend to fans of Jodi Picoult’s books.