Belong to the Night Review

In The Wolf, The Witch And Her Lack of Wardrobe, Shelly Laurenston tells the story of a witch, Jamie and the wolf she longs for, Tully. When Tully’s long lost father comes to town to claim territory, Jamie and him must fight for their lives or die trying. With Jamie’s witch craft and Tully’s strength as a wolf, the two fight a pack of wolves that will not stop until someone is dead.

The Wolf, The Witch And Her Lack of Wardrobe is the longest of the three stories in the anthology and was one of my favorites. While it starts off a little slow, the character development and romance shines through in this short story and that’s what makes it a winner. I’ve never read a full length story by Shelly Laurenston but I am interested in checking her out now!

In the Dark by Cynthia Eden brings back a character from the When He Was Bad anthology. Liam was thought to have died but Sadie James, FBI agent and leopard shifter, finds him alive and well in a bar. He is now a vampire and even though Sadie once cared for him, now she is tempted to stake him. Instead the two work together to find a shifter who is on a killing spree. Along the way their romance reignites and leaves for an interesting romance between an unusal pairing.

In the Dark started off with excitement and action right from the start and didn’t stop until the exciting conclusion. Cynthia Eden knows how to lay on the suspense and passion to make readers want to pick up all of her books. This is the sixth story that I've read by Eden, and I have never been dissatisfied with any of them. She is definitely one of my favorite authors.

In The City of the Dead by Sherrill Quinn, a witch named Dori Falcon is on a mission to find the Eye of Baset and her mysteriously missing bother. Along the way she falls for a cop named Jake and gets sidetracked in the bedroom. Will she find her brother in time to save him?

I’ve read two full length Sherrill Quinn stories before and really enjoyed them. The City of the Dead was the story I was most looking forward to next to Cynthia Quinn’s. Unfortunately, it was the shortest of the stories and was 90% erotica. While all three stories have erotica in them, this one had the most and doesn’t compare to Quinn’s full length novels when it comes to overall plot, characterization, and suspense.

Overall, Belong to the Night is an interesting anthology by three popular paranormal romance authors that offers a variation of stories featuring witches, wolves, vampires, and leopard shifters.

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