The Devouring Review

Fifteen year old Regina ‘’Reggie’’ Halloway loves horror stories and movies. She works part time in a bookstore when she isn’t home babysitting her eight year old brother Henry. When Reggie finds a strange journal in a box of books at the store, she takes it home with her to read. The book is called The Devouring and it tells the story of something called Vours that possess scared humans on Sorry Night. Just for fun Reggie and her friend Aaron decide to act out their worst fears in the hopes that the Vours will possess them too. After all, Reggie thinks The Devouring is just a book and that there is no such thing as Vours.

When their plan goes drastically wrong, together the two friends must find a way to rescue Reggie’s little brother Henry from the Vours before he is gone forever. But to accomplish this, they must live out their worst fears every time they face off with a Vour. Will Reggie and Aaron be able to save Henry or will they become the Vours’ next victims?

The Devouring is the first book in a new horror series written for Young Adults. At only 231 pages, it’s a fast read with lots of suspense and scary moments. As an adult, I was shocked at times and could only imagine a teenager reading this book and not being able to sleep at night from being so scared. I wouldn’t recommend The Devouring for anyone under 15 years old as it is very graphic and gruesome.

I adored reading this book and found it very well written for a Young Adult book. I was immediately drawn into the story and almost believed Vours were real and could possess me too! My adrenaline was definitely racing and this book surely lived up to my expectations. Overall, The Devouring is a fast paced, extremely suspenseful, horrifying story that will keep you up all night reading.


  1. Haven't heard of this series, but it sounds really good! Another great title for my wishlist. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Alexia! They're great books and I really enjoyed them alot.

  3. Love this cover. It sounds like a neat story!


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