Hot Spell Review

Amanda LaGrange is very sensitive about her psychic abilities and takes offense to her childhood nickname of Amanda the Strange. So when she first met Jacob Caine, fellow paranormal investigator for PARA, she immediately formed a strong dislike for him when he called her by her hated nickname.

Now two years later, they have survived working with each other without talking anymore then needed for their jobs. But when their boss Patrick teams them up together to investigate a haunted house, Amanda’s patience will truly be tested.

Jacob has been infatuated with Amanda since first meeting her but he knows he doesn’t have a chance in Hell. After all, she has a boyfriend and is getting ready to leave PARA behind for a ‘’normal’’ job. But when the two of them are thrown together in a locked room over night because of an enchanted clock, their true feelings come to light.

Before they know it they are behaving like two lovers that can’t stay away from each other! Amanda insists that the clock is the reason for everything and is determined to find a way to lift the curse so she can move on with her life, without Jacob. But every time she tries to forget about him, he shows up. Are Amanda and Jacob destined to be together or is this the work of an enchanted clock?

Hot Spell is the first Harlequin Blaze book written by paranormal romance/YA author Michelle Rowen. I don’t normally read Blaze books but when I heard Michelle Rowen had written one, I knew I had to read it. This story has a touch of the paranormal which I don’t think is a regular thing in Blaze books but was a very pleasant surprise for me.

The chemistry between Jacob and Amanda was scorching and I loved their love/hate relationship. I adore love triangles so that was a major plus also. Overall, I couldn't put this book down and stayed up late reading it because I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. Hot Spell is entertaining, sexy, romantic and a fun light read that I highly recommend to romance readers.


  1. Hot Spell sounds good! Fab review, Rach! :)

  2. Hi Rachael! Awesome review! I love Blaze books and Hot Spell is one I must get and read. Sounds so good.


  3. Hi Wendy and Linda
    Thanks! It's a great book! :)

  4. I so have to get this one. I think you and Wendy will bring me to read all Michelle Rowen books in the near future. LOL
    Loved your review.

  5. Hey Susi!
    Thanks so much for commenting! So nice to see you here!! YAY you have to try her books! You'll love them. :)


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