Hunting Memories Review

Eleisha Clevon has turned her life around ever since she met a mortal named Wade. Wade taught Eleisha and her friend Phillip how to survive as vampires without having to kill to feed by using telepathy. Now instead of killing, they drink only from the wrist and then alter memories so the mortal thinks they cut themselves and passed out. This way they can survive but without leaving a trace of dead bodies wherever they feed.

Unfortunately, not every vampire is able to use telepathy and Julian Ashton is one of them. Julian is the vampire who turned Eleisha and he is terrified of the old vampire rules of using telepathy instead of killing the victim will be enforced again. He can not feed without killing, he doesn’t have the ability to use telepathy and he is scared by anyone who can use it. Reduced to his paranoia of being hunted down by Eleisha and his fears of telepathy, Julian decides to be the hunter.

Julian is determined to hunt down every known vampire who uses telepathy and to kill them. One by one all of the vampires are being killed and Eleisha is starting to feel very lonely. When she receives a letter from a woman named Rose claiming she is one of them and there are others like her out there, the two women start communicating by letters. Eventually this leads Eleisha to wanting to meet Rose but Phillip fears that this is a trap and she is working for Julian.

Together Wade, Eleisha, and Phillip embark on a journey to meet Rose and find the other vampires to take them home with them and to keep them safe. But is this plan only making it easier on Julian to swiftly kill everyone once Eleisha finds them? Will Rose turn out to be on Julian’s side or was she honestly only looking for more companionship in the form of her own kind? Will this trip end in deaths or will Eleisha defeat Julian once and for all?

Hunting Memories is the second book in the Vampires Memories Series featuring vampires who are always being hunted down by one of their own kind. The flashback into the vampires’ lives using telepathy is fascinating and gives the reader a clear picture of the character’s life without taking away from the storyline. The atmosphere of Hunting Memories is a constant fear for the characters. They’re being hunted down by a rogue vampire who has acquired himself a slave in the form of a ghost who can find the vampires wherever they run to.

Phillip’s character has no fear except of being alone. His character is strong and will not be intimidated by Julian no matter what antics he uses to try to kill the group of vampires. I found his love for Eleisha intriguing as they aren’t in a relationship but he clings to her as if he could not live without her. Together Wade, Phillip and Eleisha make an interesting trio that I could definitely see becoming a love triangle with Eleisha stuck in the middle trying to make a decision.

I strongly recommend reading this series in order starting with the first book Blood Memories. What I love about this series is that it isn’t anything like other paranormals or urban fantasy books that are out there today. It has an old fashioned feel to it, in a good way. The vampires talk about needing to feed, the process of feeding, and the hunt for it. They talk about what it’s like to live for two hundred years and what it was like being turned into a vampire. Hunting Memories is not like other fantasy novel that I’ve read and that’s what makes it special to me. Overall, I would highly recommend this series to readers who want to be swept away with a wonderful book.

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance

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