Shadowland Review

After making a devastating decision at the end of Blue Moon, Ever is living with the consequences. Her DNA is now poison to Damen and she can no longer have any physical contact with him or he will die. Determined to get her hands on the antidote, Ever dives deeper into magic then ever before searching for answers. She refuses to accept the possibility that Damen and herself will never be together and even runs to Roman trying to convince him to hand over the cure.

Damen has decided the reason for all of these unfortunate events is because of karma and fate. He feels that if he changes his ways, karma will work in his favor. He decides to get rid of the fancy items that he manifests because he thinks he has taken advantage of the universe in some way. So the BMW, the fancy clothes, the mansion, all of it will soon be gone. But will Ever still love him when all of the things that attracted him to her in the first place cease to exist? Will their love overcome all obstacles even the ‘’no-touching or you will die’’ problem Roman has given them? 

Shadowland is the third book in a young adult paranormal series called The Immortals. This series must be read in order and I advise to avoid reading anything online about it because it will spoil it for you. There’s just no way to talk about these books without spoiling the previous one in the series.  

When Blue Moon ended, readers were left with a killer cliff hanger that had them in suspense waiting for this new installment to find out what happens next. I was a little annoyed about the use of a force field to get around their no touching or die problem. It seemed like an easy way out and I kept hoping the force field would accidentally drop.  

To have such a great cliff hanger and then to find a temporary fix to the problem, just left me disappointed. If Damen wasn’t touching Ever through a force field, then he’d use his mind to convey the touch. I disliked the temporary solution to their problem, wanting them to be starved for affection and maybe even cheating on each other rather then fixing it so easily. 

I also have a problem with the whole concept of reincarnation in this book. It’s not very believable at all and I think that is a big problem. If you don’t believe in the fantasy, you won’t be able to enjoy it. The concept of Ever and Damen knowing each other for centuries with her in other bodies, is just so out there and too unbelievable for me to grasp. 

Although the writing was easy to read and the story moved along at a fast pace, I found the lack of anything really happening, tiresome. The last 100 pages were suspenseful and exciting but the rest of the book really didn’t really have anything of substance to keep me interested. I kept going back to thinking about the first book Evermore and how much it captivated me that I read it all in one day. This book took me about three days to read and that same magical quality just wasn’t there for me. 

Overall, Shadowland may appeal more to a younger audience this time around than adults who are looking for more substance to their stories. I did enjoy the last 100 pages but that wasn’t enough to convert my feelings on the whole book in general. I will still give the next book a chance because I am curious as to where the story is going and would like to feel the same enchantment again that I felt for the first book, Evermore. Look out for the fourth installment, Dark Flame in the summer of 2010.


  1. That is a shame...I wanted to read this but now I don't know. - Parajunkee

  2. Hi ParaJunkee
    Don't let me discourage you, you may like it. I just found alot of things annoyed me and had to be honest about that. But it's just one person's opinion so who knows you may like it.

  3. This one is on my shelf. The first one was ok, second was better. I hope to get to the third soon.

    Elie (Ellz Readz)


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