Divorced, Desperate and Deceived Review

Kathy Callahan wants a second chance at finding true love but she hasn’t had the best of luck lately. She’s had her eye on her plumber Stan Bradley for the last two years but despite all her attempts at seduction, nothing has worked on him.

Kathy’s best friends Sue and Lacy have both found love again after also being divorced. They’re both married to cops, pregnant, and over the moon in love. Kathy is the last one in her group of friends aka The Divorced, Desperate and Delicious club, to still be single and she isn’t happy about that.

When Kathy decides to finally ask Stan out, she picks the worst time to finally have the courage. Stan is a federal agent in the Witness Protection Program and his real name isn’t even Stan. There’s a mob of bad guys who would like nothing more then to silence him and Kathy is in real danger by being anywhere near Stan.

Before she even has the chance to get to know Stan better or even properly chat, things get crazy and they’re both on the run! With the cops assuming Stan kidnapped Kathy, things get hectic really fast. Will Kathy and Stan find romance while shacking up together on the run or will all of his secrets and lies cause her to not trust him?

Divorced, Desperate and Deceived is the third and final book in the series featuring women who are divorced and looking for love again. There are plenty of hilarious scenes as always in this series and the suspense is exciting. I loved the chemistry between Kathy and Luke aka Stan and was rooting for them to get their happily ever after. It was nice to have the main characters from the previous two books back and to see how their lives are now. Overall, Divorced, Desperate and Deceived is a fun thrill ride of adventure and I can’t wait to read the next Christie Craig book!

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance

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