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Please welcome paranormal romance author Marta Acosta! Marta is the author of the Casa Dracula series which currently consists of three books with the fourth book Nancy's Theory of Style due out in 2010. She also has a YA book in the works and runs the fabulous paranormal news site Vampire Wire. Today Marta is here to talk about what holiday movies would be like if there were vampires in them.

Guest Blog by Marta Acosta

Someone recently asked me about my favorite holiday movie, and I realized that, although I don’t see myself as a holiday movie fan, I actually have a lot of favorites. All involve mishaps, most have romantic entanglements, and many feature angels. There wasn’t a vampire in the bunch.

Which begs the question, why aren’t there vampire holiday movies?

Because it would be a mistake.

“The Vampire Christmas Story”

All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a bb gun. But his parents insist that he’ll shoot his eye out. When his father’s prize leg-lamp breaks the front window, vampires swarm in for their holiday feast. Ralphie’s parents run to give him his present, but, alas, the steel pellets cannot harm the ravaging fiends. Ralphie realizes all too late that he should have specified silver pellets.

“The Vampire Miracle on 34th Street”

When Santa shows up drunk at a toy department, the new store manager quickly hires a man claiming to be Kris Kringle to replace him. The man seems to have amazing powers of persuasion, but she refuses to believe that he is the real Santa Claus. However, his influence over her sweet daughter convinces her to reject her skepticism. Sadly, she was right not to trust the man, who unleashes his horrific vampire appetite on throngs of helpless children waiting to tell him their gift list.

“The Bishop’s Vampire Wife”

A reserved bishop has lost his way, getting more caught up with fundraising for a new church than with the true meaning of Christmas. A mysterious and gorgeous man appears and says that he’s come to help the bishop. He spends most of his time charming people and macking on the bishop’s bored and neglected wife.

The stranger plays a song on the harp for a rich widow. “How did you know that old song?” she asks. “It was a big hit when I was still among the living,” he answers. She donates a fortune for a new church, and the hot stranger turns the bishop’s wife into his new vampire bride. Theological discussions and mayhem ensue.

The only one of the holiday movies that might work as a vampire story is “Elf” because the elf comes to save his father’s publishing business and then writes a bestselling novel. Bestsellers and blood-suckers? They go together like eggnog and rum.

Have yourself a very scary Christmas!

 Edited: Sorry I had the question wrong. Everyone who entered prior is still entered.

What holiday movie do you think should NOT be made with a vampire theme?

Leave a comment answering this question for your chance to win a copy of the first book in the Casa Dracula Series, Happy Hour at Casa Dracula! This contest will run until December 9th at 6 pm ET. Good luck everyone!

Thank you Marta for Guest Blogging. It's a pleasure to have you here today!


  1. How about my favorite White Christmas. NEVER REMAKE IT, but, if Bing was a vampire, he could have just bitten Rosemary early on and avoided the whole publicity misunderstanding.

    I posted this on the Contests & Giveaways section on my sidebar


  2. Awesome Guset Post Marta =))) I love this series...

    what about "A Christmas Ghoul"

    Scrooge gets eaten by a ghoul, b4 the ghost of xmas past even gets there LOL

  3. My favorite holiday movie is 'The Holiday'. Haha, I think that the vampire remake of that movie would be pretty bad... But if Jude Law would be a vampire i would DEFINITELY watch it.


    (I hope this giveaway is international)

  4. Hmm that's a hard one but I'll go with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Def no vampires lol...if the Grinch turned all the whos into vamps I think little Cindy Lou Who would have been quite creepy

    Adrienne Kelligan

  5. "It's a Wonderful Life" would be very strange as a vampiric film -- George Bailey reliving his life as a vampire, or his brother who died becoming undead -- ugh! Although Mr. Potter I could definitely see as a bloodsucker....

  6. I'm with Abigail...I think "White Christmas" might make it as a vampire movie. But I don't think the earlier Bing Crosby Christmas movie--"Holiday Inn" with Fred Astaire--would work. Too many important outdoors scenes in the sunshine!

  7. Milka: I forgot to ask about whether this is international or not. I just found out it's US only. Sorry.

  8. The question was phrased wrong too. It was supposed to be what holiday movie would NOT be better with a vampire theme.

    It's fun to see both sides of it. Vamps and no vamps too.

  9. Hi, everyone! Thanks for reading my guest blog and commenting.

    Abigail & LSU Reader, yes, a well-placed vampire bite can solve a wealth of social issues.

    Larissa, your suggestion would save us all the tedium of A Christmas Carol.

    Milka, mmm, Jude Law as a vampire!

    Angela, I'm laughing at the image.

    Suzi, I actually think this version of "It's a Wonderful Life" would totally work!

  10. Meet a Vampire In St. Louis -- what if Judy Garland finds out her neighbor John Truitt is really a vampire (hey, then you'd kinda have a Fright Night theme!). I know Meet Me In St. Louis may not be a traditional Christmas movie, but Judy Garland does sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" in it.

    Tootie would get turned into a vampire. Definitely!

  11. I can't see Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation as a vampire movie. Although with him, who knows.

    I sent you my information. Sorry for the delay.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  12. Nicole, I can see Judy Garland as the vampire: the pasty skin, the red lips, the crazed hungry eyes!

    Linda, no, I can't see Chevy Chase as a vamp, but I'd like to see him try. Among his old SNL cohorts, I can imagine Bill Murray as an ancient and totally snarky bloodsucker.

  13. A Christmas Story. Ha-Pink fuzzy pink pajamas with vampire teeth. NO, wouldn't work.

    Great guest post.

  14. Gah! I really do need to get around to reading one of her books. I just love Vampire Wire.

    I don't think It's a Wonderful Life or Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer (for some reason the picture of Edward chowing down on Rudolph just popped into my mind) would work for most vamps...


  15. I would have to say "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
    I don't think that would work.
    It's already too sad with that little Christmas tree bush thingie.
    Nuff said.

  16. I would have to say never to remake 'Miracle on 34th Street', having vampires in that would not be right.

    van P.

  17. Hi, everyone!

    Ladytink, I'm gonna stop posting GVDs on my blog until you read one of my books!

    Elie, now werewolves in "A Christmas Story" would work with the crazed dog scenes. I love that movie.

  18. Chris: I don't do a lot of YA but I do love this series!

    Monroe: I don't know how you can wait between books - I read the first four back-to-back!

    Book Guru: She is good at cliffhanger endings - can't wait for December!

    Blodeuedd: You should definitely read this series - it's my fave YA series :)

    Parajunkee: Oh - it was so worth it - I loved it!

    Jane: I love Dimitri but want Adrien to have a HEA too. Glad I'm not the one making the choice, LOL!

    Julie: I love them both and want them both to have a HEA. Ms. Mead is going to have to do something good there.

    Mina: Hahaha - you're so right!

    Danielle: Adrian grew on me too. At first I thought he was weird but now I luff him. Would love for him to be in the spin-off!

    December is bringing Last Sacrifice, Alien Tango, and Shadowfever - all on the same day! How will I choose?!?


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