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Please welcome Enid Wilson, author of Bargain with the Devil and In Quest of Theta Magic. Her latest book, Really Angelic is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice but with a sexy paranormal twist to it. She writes sexy and erotic romance in a variety of genres such as modern, historical, paranormal and science fiction. Today Enid is here to share an excerpt from Really Angelic and to give away a copy to one lucky reader.

Angel in Training

“What do you want now?” She demanded with some annoyance. She reclined on the bed, not bothering to raise and greet the angel properly.
“I want to make sure you have been learning your way with the angelic quill,” Mihaela said.
“Well, I have learned a fair bit about Himins and my jobs from it. But I know not how I am to protect my ward, nor have I developed any angelic skills.”
“Then I will teach you some, now.”
“But I am tired and I have a headache,” she said with a sigh. “Can we not leave it for another day?”
“There is no skirting of your duties, young thing.” Mihaela said, turning into Michael and speaking in a deep, serious voice.
She recoiled, still uneasy over having a man in her room, even if he was an angel.
“Very well then, sir.” She put on a robe and said, “But can you change back to Mihaela?”
“You are an impertinent low-level angel.” He scowled but complied with her request, returning to his female form. “Nevertheless, I shall now teach you how to fly.”
She asked in awe, “So I have wings?”
“Yes, they are embedded inside your bone but you can only use them when you come to your ward’s rescue or request,” Mihaela said. “Simply roll your shoulders, left, right and left, then chant ‘Crosswind and Whirlwind, I trust Ventara, the God of Wind.’ Wings will then spring out from the back of your neck.”
She wanted to laugh at the silly chant but she could see that the Commissioner was losing patience. She did as she was told and to her complete astonishment, she felt a strong tickling at the base of her neck and suddenly her skin seemed to burst. She turned and saw the wings, at her back!
“You have but to concentrate on where you want to go, Lizzybell,” Mihaela said. “Perhaps you would like to try flying out of the window?”
“I could not possibly!” She exclaimed.
“Just fly across the bed then, if your faith is so frail.”
She focused on the other side of the bed and felt her feet lift off the floor. Startled, she looked down at the ground, losing her focus, which made her drop back to the floor with a loud thud.
From below, her mother’s voice screeched, “My dear husband, what was that sound? Are the French coming? I’m certain that it came from my daughter’s room! Oh my, have they come to kidnap her?” Then a succession of rapid footfalls was heard, ascending the stairs.

The above excerpt was adapted from Enid Wilson’s latest Regency novel Really Angelic, a paranormal retelling of Pride and Prejudice (The book contains mature content). Enid has kindly offered a paperback copy of the book to ONE of you. Just tell us your thoughts by commenting below by January 14th at 6:00 pm EST and you will have a chance to win the book. Entry is open to worldwide readers. To read more about Enid ’s books, you can visit her website at this link.

Well, if you were to believe in the existence of guardian angels, what kind of skills do you expect them to possess?


  1. Thanks Rachael for having me here.

    Greetings from hot sunny Sydney, Australia.

  2. Really love the cover Enid - HAWT.

  3. Thanks Tracie. Zuki, the designer, and I had debated if Lizzy was too "aggressive" in the cover, by grabbing Mr. Darcy by the face.

  4. Hello, Enid! Happy New Year! My attention was caught by the cover of "Really Angelic". I visited your website, and I am quite intrigued and impressed with your creative storytelling. Is there a favorite book from your childhood which you still enjoy reading today?

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  5. I wish I had wings. Tried drinking redbull and jumped off my house. Didin't work though. Best wishes for your success, Enid.

    Stephen Tremp

  6. Hi Enid!
    Welcome! So happy to have you here today!

  7. What a great excerpt! Very interested in reading this.!

    Hmm Darcy as an angel ;)

  8. What a unique concept. It sounds great. How did you come up with it?

  9. I belive in gaurdian angels anyway and they keep us n the straight and narrow and protect us from evil

  10. I do believe in guardian angels. Mine has the patience of a saint : ) A guardian angel would be wise, compassionate, observant, proactive, concerned, tough-but-tender. Just like a good parent!

  11. My guardian angel would have the skill of Sense of Humour.

    He would able to me laugh when I'm down

  12. Hi everyone, as you know I’m from Sydney so I missed all your comments when I was asleep. I apologise for replying late. Thanks for reading.

    Virginia, thanks for visiting my website. I write stories in serialised format in a forum and sometimes comments from readers will give me a lot of inspiration. I confess I almost don’t read children books now. I’m addicted to sexy romance, hehe. And your list of guardian angels is great. Your angels will be busy.

    Stephen, go lite on the Redbull! Thanks for stopping by.

    (Spoiler) Katie, hope you’re not disappointed, Darcy’s not an angel here.

    LSUReader, Hmm, good question. I’ve actually forgotten how I came up with the idea. But I always like stories with a strong female character. For example, in my first novel In Quest of Theta Magic Elana has eagle sight. That’s why I prefer to have Lizzy as the guardian angel.

    Madmagz you’re quite spot on. In the story, the guardian angels do have such duty.

    Rachael, thanks again for having me. The background of your website bring out the cover design too.

  13. Hi Enid
    Thanks, yeah I think the cover looks awesome with the dark background too. Really nice book cover. What's the time difference in Australia? It's 3:00 pm in NJ right now. I figured it would be a big difference so just pop in during normal hours your time. This will be up all week so there's no rush. :)

  14. Thuy, Michael/Mihaela the Lost Angel Commissioner provides some comedy element in the story. But a guardian angel with a sense of humour, that's difficult to find. I need one too!

  15. It's 7 am now in Sydney. Saturday morning bright, sunny and hot. I'll do some serious shoe shopping later on and watch Hopman Cup tennis on TV, Great Britain vs Spain. I'm a tennis junkie, though I won't confess to being a shoes addict, hehe.

    I'll pop in as often as I can.

  16. Great excerpt! It sounds interesting.

  17. Thanks Spav, your avatar looks very interesting too.

  18. Wow, it's so weird to hear it's Saturday by you when it's Friday by me still! Enjoy your weekend. I wish it was hot and sunny in NJ. It's about 30 degrees and it snowed a little last night!

  19. I know Rachael, where is the beaming machine from Scotty? I won't mind being beamed to New York for a bit of shopping for an hour or two and back to enjoy the beach in Sydney.

  20. LOL too funny! You don't want this bitter cold. Trust me it's awful. Enjoy your beautiful weather. I'm so jealous. :)

  21. I think they would be smart and strong and always know what we are thinking. That way they could keep us out of trouble.

  22. Linda, you described the guardian angel in the book very well. Thanks for commenting.

  23. First of all, the cover is WOW. The excerpt is great, you've gotten my curiosity going. If only getting wings were that easy in real life....all the possibilities!! =D

    wateva_08 at hotmail dot com

  24. Bianca, I wish I had wings too! Thanks for stopping by. The cover design and illustration is by Zuki. She's very talented.

  25. Hi! Nice cover, and nice story. It caught my attention and I always have believe in guardian angels, since a little kid. I know a prayer for it but it is in spanish: "Angel De la Guarda, dulce compañia no me desampares ni de noche ni de dia..."


  26. Angel's sweet company won't abandon me? Thanks Marie from Puerto Rico

  27. This is my first introduction to Enid Wilsons writting & from what i have read, i can't wait to read more.

    Thanks for running this giveaway.

    Good Luck Everyone xx

  28. Yes,that's right Enid, and that is just a piece because it is very long, and there is a song too. Nice to meet you.


  29. Thanks Coistycat for the kind words. There are some free reads on my website steamydarcy.com They are not in the best fine form (without the help of an editor) but I hope they can interest you for a while.

    Thanks Marie. I watched 'Who do you think you are' and there is an Australian celebrity who has her root traced back to Puerto Rico. It seems a very interesting place. I hope to be able to visit it one day.


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