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Meet Nemi Montoya, the vegetarian, cynical/romantic, hilariously honest twenty-something goth, in this brand new collection from artist Lise Myhre!

Hang out in the pub with Nemi and her friends, including her flatmate, the blue-haired Cyan; hear her opinions on romance and dating; watch her watch TV in her untidy flat; learn how she feels about birch trees, spiders and blondes; and generally experience the highs and lows of being Nemi in the modern world!

A superstar in her native Norway thanks to the immense success of Nemi — also reprinted in the 1.35 million-circulation UK Metro newspaper — you too can enter Lise Myhre’s witty, wonderful world!

I have been on the look out for more graphic novels to read ever since I read The Dark Hunters and Lenore: Noogies. Both graphic novels were thoroughly entertaining so when I was offered Nemi, I was once again hoping for plenty of humor and some fun reading. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s because this book is a translation from Norwegian or what, but the humor is just not there.

I didn’t laugh once and I found the huge paragraphs in the bubbles to be way too much for a comic strip. Comics are supposed to be light reading and to have to squint to read so much in a bubble, took away from the the ease of reading a book like this. The art work was ok, nothing that blew me away and made me oooo and ahhh over it.

Overall, I am pretty disappointed in Nemi as I had high hopes for a really fun graphic novel but was instead kind of bored by it. Here’s hoping the next graphic novel I read will be more to my liking as I really do enjoy reading them.


  1. Oh, sorry this one was a disappointment. I really enjoyed reading Nemi. I liked her dark humor, which I got most of the time. There were some of the strips that didn't make any sense to me nor did I find funny. I'm pretty sure it's a translation thing. But for the most part I got it.

    I find I like reading graphic novels too. They seem more satisfying than comic books. I think it's because comic books always seem to end to fast for me.

  2. Hi Donna
    I don't know what it was but it just wasn't funny to me. I guess because it's dark humor, it just didn't make me laugh. I'll still try another graphic novel and I agree that it's more satisfying then a comic book too. This one just had so many small strips and I tend to like one storyline or longer strips better I guess.

  3. I can understand what your saying. Dark humor isn't for everyone. In case you hadn't notice, I tend to lean towards the darker reading. ;)

    The Nemi strips are like what you'd find in the funnies section of the paper. Something different everyday. You might want to try the Mercy Thompson graphic novel, it's more based on an ongoing storyline before the first Mercy Thompson novel Moon Called.

  4. That sounds good, thanks for the suggestion. I remember when it came out but I didn't know if it would spoil the books or not if I read it.

    Yea I dont really like the tiny comic strip thing. I like a bigger story.


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