The Wish List Review

Fairy Godmothers, Magic, and Happily Ever Afters are the work of fiction, at least that’s what CPA Kristin Montgomery always thought. She is most comfortable working with numbers and the idea that there is actual magic in the world is just so out there that she would never have believed it.

When Kristin’s three elderly ‘’aunts’’ tell her they’re retiring and going on a world cruise, everything changes for her very quickly. While rushing out the door, they explain to her that they are fairy godmothers and that it is The Time of Transition and now is her time to become a fairy godmother. Kristin dismisses all of their talk as lunacy and just picks a wand out when they offer her one, just to please them.

But when Kristin’s sorcerer arbiter shows up to judge if she is qualified to be a fairy godmother, she realizes magic is real and maybe her aunts weren’t lying after all. Tennyson Ritter enjoys his life as a historian but when he is asked to become Kristin’s arbiter, he must do it. He’s not very happy about the job especially since his charge is completely ignorant about magic or how to even do it. He’s not supposed to teach her, it’s just supposed to come naturally. But so far things are just not working out for Kristin.

Will Kristin pass the test to become a true fairy godmother or will she fail when innocents become involved? Will a forbidden romance bloom between Tennyson and Kristin or will her dislike for him blind her to the true love that’s standing right in front of her?

The Wish List is the first book in the Time of Transition Trilogy by new author Gabi Stevens. The genre is paranormal romance but there is a healthy dose of humor, suspense, and mystery in the story also. The Wish List is slightly reminiscent of Angie Fox’s debut The Accidental Demon Slayer, but Stevens puts a fresh new take on the theme.

In a lot of paranormals you come across a young woman who has discovered at a certain age that she is a witch, a demon slayer, a demon, a princess, etc, but in this book the main character is a fairy godmother which is different.

Kristin’s job is to grant wishes and to be the liaison between the Groundling (human) world and the Arcani (magical) world. Without much knowledge on how to perform magic, the dangerous situation that she finds herself in is intriguing and adds a nice layer of suspense to the story. The romance aspects are sweet, the humor is very funny and I just found The Wish List a joy to read.

The story ends with a little bit of a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to see what happens next with Kristin the Fairy Godmother. Overall, The Wish List is an outstanding debut that paranormal romance readers are sure to devour hungrily begging for more. The second book in this trilogy is titled Spellbound and is due out April 2011, followed by Toil and Trouble in March 2012.

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