The Demon In Me Review

Eden Riley doesn’t consider herself a genuine psychic but that didn’t stop her from working for a psychic phone line company. When she has a correct prediction and it leads to a job working for the police, Eden worries that she’s not as talented as people would like to think she is.

Her first job is to enter a house of a serial killer and try to sense where he’s disappeared to. But when she finds the killer and he ends up dead, the demon inside him slips out and into the first person he sees, Eden.

Later on when she hears a voice in her head, she assumes it’s someone in the room with her that she can’t see. But that’s not the case. Darrak, a demon, is now residing inside of her and somehow because of Eden’s psychic tendencies he is also able to take form during daylight hours as a very sexy man.

Darrak was cursed by a witch three hundred years ago and after losing his original body has been traveling host to host to survive. He has never been able to fully communicate and take form all of these years and he plans to use this to his full advantage. Darrak needs Eden to help him find the witch who cursed him and ask her to remove the curse.

The only problem is, Eden’s fingers are dialing an exorcist and she wants nothing to do with him. Sure he’s tall, dark and sexy as all hell, but he’s a DEMON! Will Eden help Darrak remove the curse and be set free or will she exorcise him before he can cause her any harm?

The Demon in Me is the first book in a new paranormal romance series called Living in Eden, by author Michelle Rowen. In this first installment we meet Eden and get to know the demon inside of her, Darrak. There is some humor but this series is a whole new Michelle Rowen that I’ve never met before! It’s darker, grittier, suspenseful, and so exciting!

I think readers will be absolutely delighted with this new series which is sure to become extremely popular. The Demon In Me has a little bit of everything that I love in it. The demon traveling host to host reminded me of the movie Fallen with Denzel Washington. The relationship between Eden and Darrak could be compared to Jezebel and Daun from Jackie Kessler’s Hell on Earth Series. Then the situation of having a demon inside of Eden made me think of Jenna Black’s Morgan Kingsley Series. With both series having come to an end, this new series is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t have asked for a better book.

Overall, Michelle Rowen is constantly creating something new and fresh and I can’t get enough of her books. She’s done comedic paranormal romance with her Immortality Bites Series, super suspenseful with Countdown under Michelle Maddox, Young Adult paranormal romance with her Demon Princess series, and now she has Living in Eden which is verging on urban fantasy I would say since it’s darker in theme.

I would HIGHLY recommend The Demon In Me to anyone who enjoys a fast paced paranormal that has enough twists and turns that will keep you guessing until it’s exciting conclusion. Look out for the second book in this series Something Wicked due out October 2010.


  1. Oh I'm definitely intrigued! A little worried since his previous host was a serial killer but it still sounds like a neat story!

  2. Hey Jen!
    Don't be worried! It's not scary. It's reallllllllly good. I think you'd like it! :)

  3. This book sounds great! Love the love interest trapped in same body angle :D


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