Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker Review

Marla Martenson works as a matchmaker in Beverly Hills by day and writes self help books about love by night. Beverly Hills is an extremely superficial place to be with rich, bald, fat men only wanting gorgeous stick thin women with big breasts who are 20 years younger then them.

It is Marla’s job to find true love for two complete strangers and hope that the matches she makes work out. But her clients never make it easy on her. They have crazy demands such as only wanting women with a certain type of breasts (specifically no one with large areolas!), no one older then 35 even if they are 60 years old themselves, dictating exactly what the woman’s past should be, what hobbies she should have, and worst of all, calling anyone over 110 pounds fat and anyone under 5’3 too short.

Marla herself is a beautiful woman but with living in Beverly Hills, she can’t help but to feel fat (at only 120 pounds) or not perfect enough at times. She recites affirmations at the end of every chapter of things she wants to be true because she believes if you speak it out loud you will speak it into existence. Marla’s positive attitude and upbeat personality shine through the pages of this book and you can’t help but read with a smile on your face.

Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker reads like a fiction novel told in first person point of view, but is a memoir. The emails scattered throughout the book from Marla’s clients are a lot of fun to read and always hilarious. Marla’s interactions with her Latin musician husband Adolfo, are so funny that I had to bookmark certain parts. They call each other Lucy and Ricky and you can definitely see why. Marla has red hair but more brains then Lucy and Adolfo is Latin and a musician just like Ricky Ricardo!

My favorite part of this book was the part where Marla would sneakily run to the garbage shoot to throw her husband’s unpaired socks away behind his back so he wouldn’t know about them. I read Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker in two days and couldn’t put this book down for a second.

I felt completely satisfied upon finishing this book since Marla’s great energy can’t help but rub off on you! Overall, I would highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy a humorous memoir that will keep them laughing and entertained. I look forward to reading anything and everything else Marla Martenson writes since I am now hooked on her writing. I would love for her to write a fiction novel since she definitely has the talent to write a great story.

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