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Please welcome my guest author for this week, Enid Wilson!  Enid is sharing an excerpt today from her book In Quest of Theta Magic.  Make sure to read to the end to be entered in a very cool giveaway!

Finally, the wedding day came!

When the bride's wedding party arrived on the ceremonial premises, they all gasped out loud. In the center of the busiest plaza in Cosmos, a huge balloon floated in midair. The balloon was in rainbow colors and seemed to be made of semi-transparent material; they could vaguely see people moving around, inside of it. Even with her eagle sight, Elana Bailey could only make out silhouettes of the people in there; she couldn’t make out every movement or shape. Her sister Jana, with her bat hearing, could hear that they were Dean Williams’s servants, making final preparations in the bridal chamber.

Below the balloon, the plaza had been transformed into a carnival-like space. There were marquees for all kinds of activities, including fortune telling, body painting, carousels, and candy stores. It was blocked off at the moment but Elana knew that it would be opened once she and Williams were led aloft to the ceremonial chamber.

After the brief wedding ceremony, the preost pronounced Elana and Dean ready for the first day of celebration. They wouldn’t be pronounced husband and wife until the eighth day. For now, the preost tapped their chairs three times, and they began their ascent to the balloon.

Cheers and music started to ring in the plaza. They could see the marquee area open, and the revelers start to go in.

When their chairs reached the opening of the balloon, Williams signaled for Elana to go in first. Separating her quarters from his was another semi-transparent partition, but it was more see-through than the material that made up the outer wall of the balloon, permitting her to see more of Williams’s shape and movement, especially when the light was on. She could also hear him moving around.

The eight day celebration which included Singing and Dancing Ceremonies were witnessed by people in the plaza. For example, the third day, they held the Provision Ceremony, where Williams made Elana a strong box by hand, to symbolize his ability to provide for her. Elana chose to cook him a delicious meal, which was taken to his quarters by a servant. For the guests below, handicraft and cooking demonstrations were conducted.

During the remaining days, they carried out the Religious, Management, Art, and Grooming Ceremonies. The Religious Ceremony consisted of reciting various tracts of Theta learning. The Management Ceremony included both amusing and more serious games about how to manage teuros. The Art Ceremony was all about body painting. On that day, the diaphanous partition was slid aside, and Williams and Elana were allowed to be together during the day. They painted each other’s hands and legs with love symbols, using henna. Similar activities were also available to the guests at the marquees.

Elana and Williams found that the proximity of their bodies during the delicate painting process proved to heighten their longing for each other. The next day, the Grooming Ceremony involved them helping with the other’s hair and bathing. Williams enjoyed combing and plaiting Elana’s hair in different styles, while she massaged his head as she washed his hair. The bathing was extremely stimulating and frustrating; they undressed each other, shared the bath, and lathered each other clean. However, they were not allowed to take their pleasure yet; there was no kissing or stroking of the places where they most wanted to be touched. This truly tested their control, and raised their anticipation for the consummation of the marriage to a fever pitch.

Well, how do you like the wedding ceremony in this Theta World? The above is an excerpt from my sexy fantasy novel,  In Quest of Theta Magic which is available in paperback and as an ebook.
To celebrate the release of the book in Kindle format, I am delighted to give away a beautiful necklace with a kangaroo design to one of Rachael’s lovely readers. Also I will be giving away a PDF e-book of one of my books.

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  1. An exotic wedding I’ve heard of... I've read that weddings in India are large elaborate affairs with many rituals. Personally, I prefer smaller events, but a Darcy (or Dean Williams) is expected to pull out all the stops. Like a huge balloon and carnival. :=)

  2. June, thanks for commenting. An Indian wedding, oh I quite like Bride and Prejudice...

  3. Welcome Enid! So glad to have you here!

  4. Enid, This is the most exotic wedding I've heard of. I Love it. However as June said I personally prefer more simple and smaller events.
    Love your writing. :)

  5. Thanks Romi for stopping by. Exotic wedding is good to attend, but not for me too. Maybe a beach wedding is good.

  6. Enid what an imagination! An eight day wedding celebration where they are not really married until the end of the celebration and they really don't have any privacy during the whole event! I was thinking what if Dean couldn't build the box and what if she couldn't cook? At the end of the eight days when they are finally husband and wife and allowed to do a little something something, someone may get hurt ;-)

  7. I love this eight day wedding. It sounds like so much fun. I have got to get this book, it sounds like a great read.

    Mary Campbell

  8. Thanks Wanda and Mary. Eight day wedding could be a bit tiring, for the bride and bridegroom, especially if they have to perform...

  9. I don't know any exotic weddings personally, family is very traditional I guess. But I watch enough Bridezillas episodes to know that planning one can get tricky.

    I tweeted about the website and about the new book: http://twitter.com/ylin0621/status/16583706149

    Already a follower as well :D

  10. Thanks Yan, wedding organisation can send anyone crazy...

  11. I've tweeted about the book and put a link of your website on my facebook...

    I don't think I've heard of any exotic weddings... I know that in the old days, an American Indian tribe named the 'Apatches' had a few rituals. When a young girl got her first period, she was going through her childhood to her womanhood. So they'd have a 3 (?) day ceremony. The girl would live in a home made by the men of her family. She would only be dressed in white and the women of the tribe would braid her hair and make her pretty. I cant remember much else, but when the ceremony was over, she was able to marry.

    When she married, she was only allowed to marry a warrior of the tribe. A man had to go on 3 hunts or raids with the men who were already warriors.

    When they married there was a feast with all the members of the tribe and at the end of the night they'd cement their marriage with... ahh, you know? the deed.

    Well, thats all i can think of at the moment (:

  12. Thanks loveshapeshifter. Three hunts and a wedding, interesting.

  13. Thanks (: i added you on fb by the way (:

  14. Thanks, now you know all my food addiction...

  15. This books sounds very interesting. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

  16. Haha. Food addiction? Food's GREAT! Haha. Now you'll know about my survivor addiction ((:


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