Winter's Passage Review

Winter’s Passage is a free novella available online that takes place right after The Iron King ends. When we last left Meghan, Prince Ash had showed up at her door to take her back to The Winter Court, according to the oath that he promised to the Queen.

Never one to not keep her word, Meghan willingly goes with Prince Ash in the hopes to look for the injured Puck on her way there. But once again they are met with evil beings in the Nevernever who want to snatch Meghan away and bring her themselves to the Queen. Will Prince Ash be able to protect Meghan or will someone kidnap her before he can safely deliver her to the Queen?

Winter’s Passage starts off with some backstory of what happened in the previous book and then the action begins once again! After finishing The Iron King, I was so glad to have this novella on hand to read immediately afterwards.

 Anything written in this world is a welcome escape and it was great to run away with Meghan once again. I eagerly look forward to The Iron Daughter, the second book in this series. Overall, this is a fun novella but make sure to read The Iron King first because this will spoil it for you if you haven’t read it.

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Thanks Net Galley for providing me with this e-book copy for review!

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